Photo Blogging Challenge: ONE

Well, I missed the dead­line. PJ over at A ‘lil HooHaa’s March photo chal­lenge came and went. And I missed it. :-( I had the best of inten­tions but life just got in the way. I know that’s not really a great excuse.…but it’s the only one I have.

So, I’m fin­ishing up and hoping to get it posted before the linky thing shuts down. This month was quite a chal­lenge. You’d think ONE would be fairly easy…but, sadly, that proved not the case.

So here goes:

1. ONE dog
The pupper in the middle is ONE of the three dogs that dig holes in the yard reside at our house. Tanner is Entrepreneur and my dog, a Golden Retriever. The other two mixed breeds are, tech­ni­cally, Peanut and Twix’s four-legged litter mates. Their names are Peyton (left) and Dixie (right).

2 and 3. ONE grand girl is ONE month old
This is ONE of our two grand girls…the most recent one. She was ONE month old on March 3rd, and we are having a great time watching her grow and change.

ONE might also be inter­preted as FIRST, so I’m playing fast and loose and including a few that fall into that category.

4. FIRST Kindergarten Registration for ONE grand girl
The Investigator and I took Peanut to Kindergarten Registration ear­lier this month. It’s the same ele­men­tary school her Mama attended in 5th grade. We rem­i­nisced while walking down the halls. Peanut was a little hes­i­tant when it was time to go into one of the kinder­garten rooms, but she was soon touring the school with the best of them.
kindergarten reg

5. FIRST col­lege sporting event
While Peanut was on her trip to Louisiana with her dad, Entrepreneur, The Investigator and I took Twix to her first col­lege bas­ket­ball game. She thor­oughly enjoyed it. No, really, she did. Can’t you tell?
first MU game

Many thanks to PJ for causing us stress throughout the month helping us pay closer atten­tion to our sur­round­ings to find stuff to link to the monthly theme! :-)

Linking up with those who pro­cras­ti­nate on these types of blog­ging chal­lenges.
You know who you are.
photo blog challenge

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  1. You did a great job with “one,” Lisa!
    I espe­cially love the last pho­to­graph here.
    Such a little angel.

    • Thanks lisa! It was just too cute to pass up. And every baby should com­mem­o­rate their first ath­letic event, right?

  2. Love the hes­i­tant pose of Peanut as she sur­veys the kinder­garten environs.

  3. Wonderful shots. How fun with the little one at a bas­ket­ball game. Our younger ones are still afraid of the buzzer though, so I have to find other things to do with them.

  4. This is ONE sweet post — such cute little ones, even the 4 legged guys.

  5. What adorable little grand­ba­bies you have! The first day of Kindergarten reg­is­tra­tion is adorable!

  6. Lisa, these are all AWESOME!

    I LOVE the look on Tanner’s face because it actu­ally looks like he’s SMILING for the photo!

    That last of photo of Twix is ADORABLE!

  7. Lovely grand­baby shots. What an expres­sion on the first one’s face! ;)

  8. yes I can tell, she absolutely enjoyed the game. Ah kindergarten–exciting and a bit scary all at once.

  9. That grand chi;d looks like she knows some­thing we don’t! Great pics.

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