Randomness prevails this week

monarch wing
Texture by Nancy Claeys; French Garden, 30% screen

If nothing every changed, there’d be no but­ter­flies.
~Author Unknown

There’s so many ways to inter­pret this quote. Chances are it will speak to you on some level in your life. Butterflies have so many lessons we can learn. A few of the ones I’ve dis­cov­ered are HERE and HERE and HERE.

It’s not been an overly exiting week, but here are my random five thoughts for Nancy’s Random Five Friday.

1. Peanut got home safely last Sunday from her trip to Louisiana with her dad. Re-entry back into a rou­tine has been a little rough, as she’s been exhausted all week. Good thing tomorrow is Sleep-In Saturday.

2. Last Sunday was also The Investigator’s birthday. You can read about it HERE.

3. Entrepreneur and I sat through a 90 minute travel club pre­sen­ta­tion. They bribed us into attending with the promise of a free cruise. After politely saying NO to their vacay club mem­ber­ship offer, we left with our voucher. Researching the com­pany fur­ther, we dis­cov­ered a mul­ti­tude of com­plaints, and it appears to be a bit on the ques­tion­able side. Whew.…dodged that bullet. Probably will not redeem the cruise as we also dis­cov­ered a few hidden fees that make it not so free. Live and learn.

4. This week was Spring Break in our town, which means my uni­ver­sity class didn’t meet. What it doesn’t mean is that I had any­thing that resem­bled a school break since there were three project book drafts to grade and some follow up regarding final pre­sen­ta­tions. And let’s just say the teams will not be very happy with me when they return. Spring Break.…what exactly is that concept?

5. It’s now offi­cially spring because we had our first tor­nado warning yes­terday. Sightings of a wall cloud and pos­sible funnel cloud were about 15 miles away…entirely too close for com­fort. The clash of warm/cold air and resulting wicked storms is one of the worst draw­backs to spring in middle Missouri.

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  1. I attended one of those pre­sen­ta­tions for a time­share sev­eral years ago. Decided it was best to avoid such things in future.

    • Funny thing is they were crit­i­cizing time­shares and pro­moting a sup­pos­edly direct link to reser­va­tions through their exclu­sive mem­ber­ship. Two retired cou­ples bought while we were there. I feel sad for them now that I know more about the company.

  2. I won a “Free” (ha, ha) cruise once too. We checked it out and found out about the hidden fees and decided to cancel the trip. They called me at work to find out why. I told him we’d changed our minds and didn’t want to take the cruise. He then pro­ceeded to try and get me to change my mind because he didn’t have any­thing on his com­puter for people who had changed their minds. He said he would call me at home that evening. I told him not to call me any­more period and to think up a reason then to enter in his com­puter! Geez.…so glad you dodge your bullet too.
    Spring break isn’t until the 2nd week in April here. Sorry you spent most of yours working…it’s more for the kids you know.
    Tornado warnings…Scary, we don’t have them here but can get some very high winds much like tornado’s.

  3. your photo and quote are inspiring and true. Things are always in the process of change. I enjoyed your thoughts this week.

  4. I don’t live any­where near tornados…but just the word brings pure terror to mind. I make postcards…with Monarchs that I’ve raised with this saying. I love it. It’s a great saying. Happy Weekend Lisa

  5. Lisa, both your pho­to­graph and quote are AWESOME!

    Chances are it will speak to you on some level in your life.”

    Yes, it does. Butterflies to me rep­re­sent change, move­ment, rebirth, grow, and renewal. And their lifespan is not very long, so they also rep­re­sent ‘seizing the moment’ and giving it all you got for how­ever long you’re here.

    I remember when I used to live in Florida and how Spring Break would come at this time of the year, and how Florida (espe­cially South Florida) would become FULL of col­lege stu­dents on break. In fact, my apart­ment neighbor just left for Florida today, for her Spring Break.

    Happy weekend, my friend!

  6. We have had tor­nado watches a few times this winter already. Now the season starts in earnest..and then in autumn it is hurricanes.

    My dad and I attended some of those things too and it is the same push, push push every time.

  7. Those little talks never seem like a good deal.

  8. There are no free rides in life — at least, that’s what I’ve learned. :)

  9. Lisa, I lived in Oklahoma for five years and NEVER got used to those tor­nado sirens…freaked me out. I guess that’s what they’re meant to do. Scary. I’m cur­rently working part time in an RV park in Oregon where we’re staying in our RV between trav­eling — and spring here seems to be marked by how many Canadians are coming through on their way back home. So many har­bin­gers of spring — tor­nados, Canadians, daf­fodils and tulips!

  10. I do hate tor­nado season. Used to live in ‘tor­nado alley’ in Alabama then moved to Virginia where we deal with hur­ri­canes (and some­times a tor­nado). Can’t win for losing.

  11. If it sounds too good to be true, it usu­ally is. No free cruise. It prob­ably wouldn’t have been that great, since it was funded by a com­pany with a bad rep­u­ta­tion. I’ve never heard of a travel club. My daughter has a decent time­share. She booked a place at a resort this summer, so that our entire family can vaca­tion together.

    We have occa­sional tor­na­does here, but they are usu­ally small and don’t wipe out whole com­mu­ni­ties. They are frightening.

    We are having another winter day. Rain, sleet, snow, and back to sleet. Miserable. Yesterday, it was spring.

    Sorry you had to work during spring break.

  12. Stick it to ‘em Professor Lisa. I hope they take your feed­back to heart and make improve­ments. I have graded exams to return this week, and my pop­u­larity will plummet as well.

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