Birthday Reflections

The Investigator’s birthday is today! I’ve written about every­thing there is to write about that day in pre­vious posts and was trying to come up with a new angle for this year.

And I found it.

2 month-3 gen 72

This is three gen­er­a­tions of almost 2 month old babies…beginning with moi at around 2 months. The next one is my first­born, The Investigator, at 7 weeks. The third one is her first­born, Peanut, around 7–8 weeks and fourth is Twix, at 6–7 weeks.

I think the eyes have it!

It’s a low-key birthday this year. Of course she received gifts and the stan­dard Facebook well wishes. Overall, it’s been a quiet day so far, and she seems to be a bit more intro­spec­tive this year as comes to the end of her twen­ties. There’s been a lot of changes in the past year and new chap­ters are opening up in her life. In a few weeks, she’ll return to work when her two and a half month mater­nity leave ends.

As I looked through the album for a photo of her at 7 weeks, I have no idea how the time slipped by so fast.

A child’s birthday is a flurry of excite­ment and party plan­ning. Except for mile­stone birth­days, there’s less hoopla for adult birth­days. But, that doesn’t diminish what a parent feels for their child on the day of their birth, not matter what the age.

Every birthday is worthy of celebration…whether it be big or small. To com­mem­o­rate the day your child arrived on this earth is always reason enough to cel­e­brate. And I hope she feels the same way. It’s more than *just another day,* and I hope she under­stands that her birth day is an oppor­tu­nity to reflect on where she’s been….and to ahead to where she’s going in the future. That, even though there isn’t a huge out­ward party this year, there is still a reason to celebrate…everything life has given her and the oppor­tu­nity to shape what her future will become.

So, a very Happy Birth Day to my first­born! Now that you have chil­dren of your own, you begin to under­stand what I mean when I say I love you more than you’ll every know!

 God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give our­selves the gift of living well.


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  1. A really lovely tribute!

  2. Most def­i­nitely, the eyes have it here, Lisa. So alike.
    It all goes by too fast, doesn’t it?

    Happy Birthday, Investigator! You have a beau­tiful family.

  3. Happy Birthday to your first­born, Lisa! And what a won­derful post! Love the three gen­er­a­tions photo col­lage. And yes, most def­i­nitely, the ‘eyes’ have it!

    It’s funny how birth­days start to become more and more low-keyed as we get older. Like you, I love birth­days and think they’re worth cel­e­brating. But as I’ve gotten older, I prefer spending the day with just a few close friends; having dinner and dessert, but quietly.

    Hope your weekend was FAB, my friend!

  4. Aww, happy belated birthday to her.

    I hope your weekend went well, Lisa.

  5. OH the eyes, do indeed have it! What a lovely, full of life post this morning. Happy birthday to the little pocket of sunshine!

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