Random Friday Finds for March 21

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In the spring I have counted one hun­dred and thirty-six dif­ferent kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. 
~Mark Twain

Appropriately, Mark Twain was from Missouri. A state where it’s pos­sible to get a sun­burn and frost­bite in the same day.

It’s offi­cial. I real­ized this week that I have spring fever. Those 70+F days that tease us into thinking winter is gone has jump started my internal sea­sonal clock.

* Yesterday was the Spring Equinox in the northern hemi­sphere. And not a moment too soon as we all emerge winter weary from our parkas and boots. Sadly, weekend temps are slated to drop back into the 40F range. Boo.

* A quick check of the perimeter shows a few promising signs of spring. The daffs and hyacinths are up but not sharing any of their color yet. The redbud tee is also tight-lipped and refusing to swell its buds. But there’s a hint (a very light one) of green in the grass. Or, is it just my imag­i­na­tion? Not sure.

* Peanut and her daddy are spending his spring break from col­lege vis­iting family in Louisiana. It’s been very, very quiet at our house this week. And as odd as it sounds, I can’t wait for the orga­nized chaos to begin again when she hits the door.

giveblood* I gave blood yes­terday after­noon. I’m the Red Cross’s favorite flavor, 0-negative. That means I’m a uni­versal donor for any blood type. Which is great if you’re a person in need of blood. Unfortunately, if I need blood, I can only have 0-neg. I try and get in there as often as I can, and can fill a bag in 7 min­utes flat. I have great veins. And, for­tu­nately, am not afraid of needles.

* Then pup­pers need baths.…badly. I did brush them last weekend in the glo­rious, almost 80F weather. Twix napped in the shade while the pup­pers jock­eyed for posi­tion between my feet. They would butt each other out of the way so I could brush them. No joke.

Those are my random finds for the week. Hope yours was a good one.

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  1. Spring is springing up all over here — for now. I’m taking advan­tage of this won­derful warmish sun­shine to work in the yard, feeling the thrill of being out­side without being bun­dled up. Enjoying it while it lasts, because it is very early for spring to visit us. I will hope your spring arrives soon and stays around.

  2. Signs of spring every­where and I love it! Beautiful pic!

  3. Your blog is one the most beau­tiful ones!
    Love all the words, the pics and most of all the “this is me” :) Happy Weekend Lisa!

  4. Oh, pleeeeeeeease send some of those temps here.
    High today? 27. With wind.
    I think spring forgot about us.

    Kudos to you on giving blood. I don’t mind it either, but I have these teeny tiny little veins, so 7 min­utes is unheard of for me. :-)

    Have a won­derful weekend, my friend. xo.

  5. A lovely shot with the graceful arch of the stem. No spring here yet, we still have snow.

  6. Yes, your descrip­tion of spring­time fits here also. No flowers, no buds, a bit of green flower foliage, and barely a bit of grass green. But, the robins have been busy in the leaf­less shrubs and trees, singing their songs so that is hopeful! Enjoy your weekend and I know you’ll be happy to have the lit­tles ones home again.

  7. The weather roller coaster of March. So far, I’ve only seen a few crocus and they weren’t open. Yes, spring keeps teasing us with a day here and there.

  8. Lisa, I so thought of you today because it was THE MOST beau­tiful Spring day (and yes­terday too)! In fact, I took a bunch of pho­tographs of flowers, which I may be posting on my blog next week.

    However, can you believe that on Tuesday we’re sup­posed to get snow!?! March can be so freaky with the weather.

    Have a faaaaaaab­u­lous weekend, my friend!

    Gorgeous photo!

  9. I almost fainted right here on my couch, reading about your giving blood. 7 min­utes? I feel light-headed just thinking about that. I have tiny little veins, and hate when I need to have a blood test. But, seri­ously, I do admire you for doing it :) I have spring fever, too. We should hit 60 tomorrow, then snow in the fore­cast next week. Happy weekend!

  10. I’ve never given blood, so I am in awe of those who do.…I just don’t think they’d want mine ’cause of the heart meds I’m on. At least that’s what I think, I’ve never checked.

    Our two cats are the same way when I brush them…in fact one of them, she hears the door shut when I get the brush out and before I turn around, she’s there meowing, wanting to be brushed.

  11. Good for you to give blood. My daughter has done that a few times at college.

  12. If I remember right, I’m A-. My dad was O + and my mom is AB-. Good for you for donating.

  13. My cat loves to be brushed. Starts purring and moving against it which can make it hard to con­tinue brushing.

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