Project 64: Tan

Only a few weeks left for Project 64: out of the box. We’ve lost a few along the way, but those still playing share fab­u­lous finds every week. This is Tan week and I found a “sister” statue that I simply love. Since I have two daugh­ters, I’ve always envi­sioned this statue being my two girls since they look about the same dif­fer­ence in ages.

Sisters. Like all family rela­tion­ships, having a sister can be com­pli­cated. Since I didn’t have any brothers growing up, I can’t speak to that dynamic. But I do know sister rela­tion­ships con­stantly morph throughout our life. For many of us, our sister is our first friend when we’re very young. And then we turn into tweens and teens and the [nuclear melt­down is immi­nent] DEFCON-1 fights begin.

Once we’re done being petty, selfish and self-absorbed…and for some that takes decades…we return to being friends. But this time, it’s with a deeper under­standing of  the strug­gles the other has gone through, and a desire to con­nect on a much deeper level than before. Sure, along the way there’s a good pos­si­bility there’s been deep hos­tility, resent­ment, jeal­ousy and more than one wish that we’d been an only child. But hope­fully those imma­ture feel­ings even­tu­ally give way to a rela­tion­ship based on mutual respect and a gen­uine desire to have our sister as a friend, once again.

Here are a few “sister shots” that fell when I shook the family tree. I’m sure the sister dynamic was the same, regard­less of the era!

These are the Wilhite sis­ters. FIVE of them! Can you even imagine the level of estrogen-induced cat fights in that house? My grand­mother is in the middle of the back row. Her twin is to her right.

My mom had one sister and three brothers. She was quite a bit younger than her sister.

This is me and my sister around 1975. Once we hit the teen years, we drifting apart with our own inter­ests. We’re working on that now, but I’ll always regret the years we missed out on each other’s company.

And here’s the sis­ters you know and love as Army Wife and The Floridian. Different as night and day, I sin­cerely hope they will nur­ture their rela­tion­ship so they don’t drift apart for the next 20 years.


They sur­prised Entrepreneur and I with this shot a while back. It’s still my all-time favorite photo of them together.

And here they are today. Two beau­tiful women, each in her own way.

Sisters…just because you’re related, doesn’t mean the rela­tion­ship is always a warm and fuzzy greeting card. But because you’re related, your sister is part of the only extended family you have. She’s the com­plex woman who shares not only your genes, but your his­tory as well.

Wow, talk about a digres­sion. Let’s return now to Project 64!

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  1. Awe, all these sweet sisters!

  2. Gorgeous fig­urine & inter­esting take on sis­ters. I only know my own expe­ri­ence with 2 sis­ters & 3 brothers. Each rela­tion­ship is dif­ferent. How well we got along as kids and how well we get along today has more to do our per­son­al­i­ties than being male or female.

  3. I had two borthers, both much much younger than I, so I was always the big bad babysit­ting sister. I am so so grateful that my son and daugher have such a good rela­tion­ship — per­haps easier for a boy and a girl to develop the close­ness than it is for two girls. Your girls are both o lovely.

  4. Hey cousin!! Love the shot of Grandma and her sis­ters. I still remember lis­tening to her vis­iting with her twin — if I kept quiet I learned a lot! I can’t imagine not having my sis­ters. In spite of our dif­fer­ences and times apart I know they have my back (they may rub my nose in it at an oppor­tune time — but they do have my back). Tell Lori ‘hello’ from me!!

  5. You are so right — I have a brother and although we don’t talk much I know he’s there — and I am so grateful to have that brother sister rela­tion­ship — I have a half sister who I have only just recon­nected with after 15 years — we didn’t fall out but we never lived together, hardly saw each other and when her Mum and Dad (my Dad too) split she moved back to Bermuda with her Mum — but now that we have found each other again we are trying to build a rela­tion­ship — trying to be sis­ters to each other.

  6. What lovely pho­tographs. My daugh­ters were home this weekend to cel­e­brate the coming mar­riage of my oldest daughter, Grace, by holding a Bridal shower. It was a good evening.

  7. The sto­ries I could tell about my sis­ters! But I won’t.

  8. Hi there! I am doing some genealogy research for my family tree. I came across this in a google search. I am won­dering if any of those Wilhite sis­ters are named Laura? Any help would be great. Thanks a bunch!

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