A color palette for a Parrothead

Susan, over at Sunflower Status, shared a fab­u­lously fun activity that cre­ates color palettes from photos. She has the process down to an art and has cre­ated some stun­ning color palettes from her photos. Exactly how to develop the palettes comes from Rita at The Coffee Shop Blog. Rita is sharing her color palette tem­plates and tuto­rial on how to use them with anyone who wants to steal rip-off borrow enjoy them. It took a little finagling of her instruc­tions, but I finally made one work.

There’s a little story behind this shot, which aside from all the shots of Peanut, is one of my favorites. When on vacay in Cancun with Entrepreneur, Army Wife and Peanut, aspiring businessmen/women would approach us and ask if we’d like our pic­ture taken with their parrot…or iguana…or snake…or monkey…etc. And just so you don’t think I com­pletely took advan­tage of the sit­u­a­tion, we paid for Army Wife and Peanut to pose holding a couple of par­rots while pool­side one day. Not once, but twice. But I had some­thing dif­ferent in mind.

So I stalked them on the beach. Nonchalantly. With my zoom lens.

And got this one.

And now it’s my first photo palette. I’m sure more will follow.

Thanks Rita and Susan! Now, I won’t get much else done during the days. Self-control? Yeah, I know. I’m working on it.

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  1. Stalker, eh? I knew you had to have SOME flaw.

  2. What a per­fect sub­ject for a photo palette!

  3. Great job! It is addic­tive isn’t it? What a per­fect shot to start with!

  4. LIsa that’s so beautiful!

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