Versatile Blogger redux

Carol over at Wandering of an Elusive Mind was kind enough to pass the Versatile Blogger award to me. She’s so sweet, and I thank her for thinking of me. I hope I can come up with seven pieces of inter­esting trivia to cap­ti­vate your attention.

Now for the rules. According to pro­tocol, I’m to

1. Add the Versatile Award photo on a blog post. Done.
2. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post. Got it.
3. Share 7 things about myself. If you’re a reg­ular here, you know a lot about me already. But in the interest of good sports­wom­an­ship, I’ll play along and assume I haven’t told you.…..

Random item 1. My favorite clas­sical music piece is Bolero by Ravel. I could listen to it all. day. long. I have a 10 minute “short ver­sion” and a 15 minute “long ver­sion” in my iTunes. And yes, I play them back to back.

Random item 2. I absolutely cannot stand the song Cherish by the Association. For those of you born after 1980, this was a circa 1970s love song and a tor­ture tactic for choir direc­tors to use on those of us forced to take choir in junior high school.

Random item 3. I’m an Aquarius, which may be the reason I love the sight and sound of water…gentle rain showers, majestic water­falls, pow­erful oceans, serene lakes…yup, enjoy­able set­tings for a “water bearer.”

Random item 4. I almost fell out of a taxi in Acapulco when on one of Entrepreneur’s sales incen­tive trips. The driver was careening around a curve and my door flew open. I learned very quickly why there was a grab bar on the back of the front seat.

Random item 5. I love sassy shoes with high heels, but prefer to run through life barefoot.

Random item 6. I’m not really allergic to anything…except poison ivy. No sea­sonal aller­gies, no food or animal ones either.

Random item 7. I don’t believe in coin­ci­dence or luck. Things happen when they happen for a reason. I rarely, if ever, wish someone good luck.

Oh yeah, one more stipulation…I’m to pay it for­ward to 15 blogs I’ve dis­cov­ered. Since I’ve already given this to many of the ones I reg­u­larly read, I’m only going to men­tion a couple new find­ings and then say it’s open season. If you wish to dis­play this lovely award on your blog, feel free to snatch it from here and run with it. You deserve it…I know you do.

Now, I’d like to pass this to the fol­lowing women. They are free to accept or ignore.

Sunflower Status: Susan, your pho­tog­raphy is beau­tiful and, aside from loving the name of your blog, I always enjoy seeing what new photo per­spec­tives you’ve shared with us.

Ozark Grace: Connie,  your site is beau­tiful in every way. The lovely images you pair with Scripture, quotes or your own prose lift my spirits every time visit.




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  1. Well, Cherish came out in 1966. I know this because I once put together a mixed CD for someone who was born that year.
    Bolero is even better live than on record. Someone gave us their tickets to the Albany Symphony, because Bolero is such a cliché on a clas­sical pro­gram, but it was astonishing.

  2. You almost fell out of a taxi, oh not! Glad you found the grab bar!

  3. Thank you Lisa! I am hon­ored by your words. I’ve tried to leave com­ments here sev­eral times without any suc­cess, so in case this one goes through, just know that I’ve been enjoying your insights.

  4. Oh thank you so much! Love your seven answers, and am hon­ored that you chose me as one of your new finds. Will def­i­nitely pay the kind­ness forward.

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