Quotography: Anything

I know I should have kept this one until Black and White week, but I couldn’t help myself. After all, the world may end next week and then I’d never get to share this with you. I’ll just have to come up with another idea for the week of November 14th.

This is a shot of Peanut and her par­ents. Taken in 2008 when she was only a week old, it’s still one of my favorites. I titled it Hands that Hold the Future. But it could also be a reminder that in spite of all life’s past and present strug­gles, mir­a­cles still happen.

Sub­mitted for Quo­tog­raphy

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  1. Definitely tears of joy, but this surely brought tears to my eyes.
    What a beau­tiful image this is Lisa.
    Thank you SO much for sharing it here.

    Have a beau­tiful weekend dear friend.

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  3. Lisa, this is just a mag­nif­i­cent photo! A trea­sure for the years.

  4. won­derful light. won­derful little toes.

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